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Healed of ADHD

Today I had the opportunity to speak to someone about the goodness of God in my life... I shared the story of how De'Andre from pre-K to 4th grade was taking ADHD meds. At pre-k age, I was getting phone calls everyday from teachers about different issues. Not comprehension or academic issues, other issues. He was about to be removed from the program, so I did what was so many other parents do & put him on medicine. I hated giving it to him, I hated the side effects, I hated the sleepless nights, I hated the twitches, hated him not eating..hated it all. SO, after about six yrs. of learning about Faith, healing, & The Blood of Jesus I put all of my Faith to the test one day & allowed a mighty, anointed Man of God, Dr. Guy Pey, to pray for De'Andre at one of our (yearly) Miracles, Signs, & Wonders services at FCWC. The last time De'Andre was given this medicine was the Friday before that Sunday service, 5 yrs. ago. To this day, he makes great grades, has no learning problems whatsoever & excels in everything he attempts. The devil is a LIAR! Hahaha THANK YOU God & THANK YOU Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh :-)

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