Get the music that Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh believes will strengthen you greatly in your walk with God and help you experience God's presence and power.




Weapons of Warfare (Music CD by Rick Pino)

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Anointed and powerful praise and worship songs by Rick Pino with powerful prayer segment done by Dr Guy Peh. Weapons of Warfare is intense, prophetic warfare-worship! It is a powerful weapon perfect for both personal and corporate prayer times. The battle cry of the thunder can be heard in these last days!




The Undiscovered (Music CD by Rick Pino)

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From Rick Pino: "The word 'voice' in this verse is actually the Greek word, pho’ne, that can be translated; the sound of musical instruments! John actually describes the voice of God to be like a trumpet here!

I believe that the sound that is released from heaven into earth invites us to come up higher in God, and journey into the unknown pleasures and mysteries of who He is! 'The Undiscovered' is only one step into this invitation!

Psalm 84:5 ' Blessed are those who…have pilgrimage in their hearts.' We definitely pushed the presentational boundaries of modern worship music to the max! As a result, all but 3 songs on here are spontaneous journeys into the unknown. Enjoy."





Angel of Awakening (Music CD by Rick Pino)

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This studio project is a compilation of songs that Rick received from the Lord, and songs that the Lord poured out spontaneously in the sessions. As you listen, I pray that you would be awakened to love again, to life again, and to your destiny in Him as sons and daughters.





Songs For An End Time Army (Music CD by Rick Pino)

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In a day where darkness is called light... In a day where popularity reigns over morality... In a day where metal detectors take the place of prayer in our schools... In a day where sexual immorality is joyfully accepted as "normal"... In a day where millions are given to save the whales but our own children are being murdered upon the altar of "choice"... In a day where Jezebel pop stars raise a generation instead of it's own mothers and fathers... In a day where same sex marriage is viewed as a civil rights issue instead of a moral issue... In a day much like Noah's... There is still hope. God still has a remnant. These are the Songs for An End Time Army....