The following ministry leaders are public supporters and endorsers of the ministry of Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh. Please also see letters of recommendation below.


Pastor Michael & Vicki Hankins -

Dr. Fred Roberts -

Dr. Wellington Boone -

Dr. Freda Lindsay -

Pastor D.W. Overton -


February 21, 2007

Re: Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh
Reconciliation Ministries International

It is certainly our delight and pleasure to recommend Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh. Vicki, my wife, and I have known them personally for quite some time and have served as their pastor for years. We had the joy of performing the ceremony for them on their wedding day.

Both Guy and Ilke are well qualified to preach and teach the Word of God without compromise. The anointing on their lives and ministry is evident by their willingness to flow in the Holy Spirit and by the Godly example that they live. Their character, prayer lives and the giving of themselves to the study of the Word are exemplary.

Guy and Ilke have ministered and taught in services here at Christian City Church-Metro Dallas on many occassions when we have asked them and their travel scheduled allowed them to do so. We are fully confident in their ability to minister in our absence. They are well received and loved by the people of our church body. The Peh’s love God, love people and have a passion to win the lost for Jesus Christ as well as to see people healed, and set free.

Even though they have a very busy ministry schedule, when they arrive in Dallas at the airport they head straight for church on a Wednesday night or Sunday morning no matter how many miles they have just traveled or how physically tired they are. They love the house of God.

Both Dr. Guy and Ilke would definitely be an asset to any endeavor they put their hearts and hands to. You will certainly be blessed by their lives and their ministry.

God bless you,

Michael & Vicki Hankins


May 2006

Dear Guy!

I just wanted to take time to thank you once again for you coming to Estonia.

I have had my phone ringing constantly and mostly pastors and Christian leaders are calling and expressing their thanks for the conference. It really put something on the move all around Estonia. Those calls are like waves that this conference created. Even a local non-christian newspaper put your photo and a very positive story in yesterday. Longer article will be on Saturday. This is a great miracle itself, because they are very negative usually about evangelical Christians.

One pastor called yesterday and gave a witness about one lady called Maarika. She listened to the conference by the radio. She had several operations for cancer and now the doctor had diagnosed a cancer again. But as she listened, she put her hand on a cancer and said: "God heal me too if you do exist!" And just yesterday she went to the doctor and there was no cancer whatsoever. Glory be to God!

We were together yesterday with the organisers and we were so thankful to God for what He did. Everything was so great. We were all sensing the same: WE NEED TO DO IT AGAIN!!!! So if you can look please your schedule for the next year first part of May, and reserve time?

Thank you again
May God bless you and have a rest too

Pastor Neemo Raasik


Dear Guy,

The congregation and I want to thank you for the powerful services that you brought to us this past week. The preaching was excellent and full of fresh revelation from the Lord. We really appreciate how much time you took to minister to the needs of the people and the compassion in which you showed to each individual need. The prophetic word were very accurate and the manner in which you presented them was full of the love of the Lord. At this point we have several recorded miracles from the meetings. You are one of the few men that we have come across that can truly walk in the authority of the five fold ministry.

Again, we thank you so much for your obedience to the Lord and your heart for our church body. I pray that you will come back again to make a deposit of His Glory into our lives.

Many blessings to you,
D.E. Overton, Sr. Pastor
New Life Church


To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Guy Peh for several years. He came here in 1996 as a student to study at our Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas. Graduating in 1998, he then began travelling to various nations (now 52 nations) evangelizing - preaching and praying for the sick. Guy is Director of Rescue 911 Prayer Ministry at CFNI. A man of prayer and the Word, Guy prays with real power and authority, and healings have been manifested of the Lord in his ministry, including even the raising of the dead.

Guy Peh has become experienced at business and ministry scheduling as he arranges his own meetings and travel, and does not look to Christ For The Nations for any finances. He also works with different outreach teams in his missionary endeavors.

I have always found Guy to be optimistic and good-natured, as well as having a passion for others to find Jesus as their Savior and to walk in His benefits.

Freda Lindsay
Christ For The Nations Inc.


Prophetic Word:

Guy, You are a 5 star general in The Spirit in charge of a vast International army farther than the eye can see says The Lord. I saw you spinning like a top, like a whirlwind as you entered cities & nations. You stir up the atmosphere with great force; you create a stirring and a shaking in the spirit realm.

You leave behind a deposit, a stirring wind everywhere your feet trod. God says I AM cloning you. I AM cloning your storehouse, I AM cloning the specific impartation I have placed within your hands. You shall be the distributor. I see satellites of your ministry growing all over the world. You operate in a very strong level of impartation.

God says I have placed a tangible manifestation of Myself in your hands. The impartation shall spread like wildfire. You'll leave a trail that others will continue to burn red hot, long after you have gone. I see healing schools being raised up in many nations under your leadership. see satellite training centers.

The law of multiplication is operating in your Ministry at 100 fold...says The Lord.