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DVD messages from Ilke Peh

 Kingmaker - by Ilke Peh (1DVD) *NEW*

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You are royalty! You are a princess! You are a queen!

God did not just call you to be His princess or His queen, He also called every woman to be a 'kingmaker'. A 'kingmaker' has a God given ability to make others great. A 'kingmaker' has an ability to add something to everyone she comes in contact with. A 'kingmaker' is the wife that every man wants. She's the woman you want to manage your company. She's the teamplayer who helps you to win. In this teaching, Ilke Peh shares practical information on how to be a 'kingmaker'. This teaching includes pratical advise that will help every woman that's married and wants to have a succesful marriage. (PG-13 this teaching includes open talk about sex in marriage)

 No Pressure - No Diamond - by Ilke Peh (1 DVD) *NEW*

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Diamonds owe their value only to their scarcity. Be like a diamond; precious and rare, not like a stone that is found everywhere.

Anything that is extremely valuable will be counterfeited. Don't be scared to present the real you to the world, authenticity is at the heart of success. Lose the mask be real! Be yourself! Be unique! Be true! Be honest! Be humble! Be happy! Shine in your own way.

A diamond is a lump of coal that was perfected under pressure. No pressure, no diamond. Pressure makes diamonds. If you are feeling pressure today you are about to shine.

In this message Ilke Peh compares the 4 characteristics of a diamond to how a person can shine like a diamond.

You are a diamond with a great value! Shine! 

 S.H.I.N.E. - Share His Incredible News Everywhere - by Ilke Peh (1 DVD) *NEW*

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Shine bright like a flashlight.

Let your light shine so bright that others can see their way out of the dark. Light removes darkness, reveals danger and shows paths.

Something is fishy if we aren’t fishing for men. There’s enough Bread of Life to supply the whole world, but are there enough volunteers to distribute it? Every heart without Christ is a mission field; every heart with Christ is a missionary.

In this teaching Ilke Peh shares that the secret of evangelism is allowing the love of Christ to overflow in every word, every action and every thought. Your touch, your kindness lights up a life just as sparkling as a diamond lights up a hand or neck.

Stand Out - by Ilke Peh (1 DVD)

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A person who stands out from the crowd is someone who is comfortable with who they are, has the confidence to be unique and to let their individuality shine.

God has handpicked you.  You’re special.  You are a princess!  You are a kingmaker!

In this dynamic teaching about the life of queen Esther, Ilke Peh teaches principles that will help you to stand out and make a big difference in your generation. You are called to stand out and make a difference.

The Freedom of Choosing to Forgive - by Ilke Peh (1 DVD)

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In life we need to write the good things on gold and the bad things on water. We always remember the bad things and the good things are washed away in the water. Offenses will come but you don't have to be offended. 10 % of life is what happens to you, 90 % of life is how you respond to what happened to you. In this message using the story of her own life and the life of Joseph, Ilke will teach you powerful principles on forgiveness and how you know you have forgiven someone.

You are God's Masterpiece - by Ilke Peh (1 DVD)

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God wants to use you!

God never sees what men see.  When you are ready, open and willing to be used however God chooses,  you' ll be amazed at how many opportunities come your way.  God uses people who are available, who have failed, who are insecure and who are unlikely.  Do you qualify?  You are just the messenger, not the message!

Start where you are!  Start now!  You're God's masterpiece!

DVD messages from Dr. Guy Peh

 Active Wating - Fly High & Last Long (1 DVD)

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Some people fly high but they do not last long. They are just like firecrackers they go up and then they are gone. Other people fly long but never fly high. They just drag their chin on the ground all their Christian life. But God calls us to fly high. He calls us to enter in His presence to know our destiny, to feel His power, to feel His love, and to be spiritually empowered by Him for our lives. He does not want us to fusel through storms and any challenge in our lives. He wants us to fulfill the destiny He has for us and to fly high and last long. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy teaches principles that will help anyone fly high and last long in their spiritual journey with God.

 Anointment for Appointment (1 DVD)

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Some people are anointed by God but the do not have the appointment by men. But other are appointment by men but not anointed by God. If we want to be all and do all what God has called us to do, we need the anointment and the appointment.  In this dynamic message Dr. teaches on how its important to be anointed and appointed and on how to defeat the giants (impossibilities) in your life.

Authority (1DVD)

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Most Christians know who God is and know who the devil is, but most Christians don't know who they are. They confuse authority with what authority is not. Authority is not based on personality, experience or how long you have been a Christian. In this series Dr Guy will teach how to operate and walk in authority. Learn how to take control over your enemy and how to walk in victory.

 Battle Ready - Battle Winner (1 DVD)

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There is an exceedingly good land that you are meant to occupy. God has already promised it to you but sometimes there are giants that you will have to defeat to possess the land. In order to possess the land you must be battle ready. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh is teaching on 5 characteristics of a battle ready person. Learn from Joshua’s military campaign, get ready to be equipped to fight the good fight, keep the faith, finish the race and possess the land that God has for you.

 Breakthrough (1 DVD)

$ 8 + $ 2 shipping

Breakthrough is a sudden advance that propels you beyond the enemies' defense line. In these messages Dr. Guy Peh will teach you how to obtain your breakthrough using the story of the Shunammite woman. In these teachings you will learn about prophetic apprehension, prophetic time (the time when miracles happen), prophetic place (the place where miracles happen), prophetic acts, how to make room for the anointing and the dynamic of spiritual covering and miracles. Your life will be changed by the power of God. Get ready for your breakthrough.

 Changing Your Failure into Success - Your Mess Into Your Message (1 DVD)

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What do you do when your best move does not work?

What do you do when you have done your best as a parent, partner, peer, employer, employee, Christian, neighbor, student, church member and your best does not seem to work? What do you do when you can see the potential in your situation but you can’t produce the possibility? Instead of success you keep finding failure. Reset your failure! In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh teaches principles that will help anyone change their failure into success and their mess into a miracle. 

 Don't Sleep On My Baby (1 DVD)

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Potential is not who I am but it’s who I can become. Potential is what I do not have but still can have. Potential is not what I have done but what I can still do. God did not say to men, be full of seed and multiply but He said be fruitful and multiply. In other words, I have already placed something in you in a potential form that you have to develop. God wants you to become your own brand. The easiest time to kill something is when it is at its infancy stage. Many people today do not fulfill their destiny because it is killed. In this message Dr. Guy is teaching how you can develop your potential and things you shouldn't’t do that may kill your potential and what other people may do to kill your potential. When you are pregnant with potential you don’t need to hang around abortionists, you need to hang around midwives. Some people have the ability to spiritually assassinate you and kill your potential. Watch out whom you hang around when you have purpose and destiny.

Enlargement (1 DVD)  

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Anything that stops growing starts dying.  Anyone who stops pressing forward to gain new heights starts losing ground.  This is just as true for life in the Spirit and life in the flesh.  You will find out that even professional athletes, at the heights of their career will seek out a coach and take time to revamp their game.  Their goal is to become better than they already are.  Increase can come on purpose with purposeful intentions that’s the attitude of a champion, may it be yours as well.  In this powerful message Dr. Guy Peh is teaching how to break the power of limitation and increase your capacity. 

 From Chaos to Order (1 DVD)  

The Power of a Prophetic Decree 

 $ 8 + $ 2 shipping

There’s a law of chaos built in the universe.  That’s why natural or spiritual order does not occur randomly.  Spiritual force has to be exercised to bring order into chaos.  Sickness, failure, poverty, confusion are results of chaos.  A decree is an order carrying legislative power given by someone who understands their authority in Christ.  A decree has the power to bring order into chaos.  In this message Dr. Guy is teaching how to bring order in every chaos in your life.   He will teach you how words have power, presence and prophetic and spiritual implication with no geographical limitation.  

God is your Turnaround Specialist (1 DVD)  

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The solving of problems demands specialization.  If you have a car problem, you want to go see a car mechanic.  If you have a legal problem you want to see a lawyer.  If you have a health problem you want to see a doctor.  Mechanics, lawyers and doctors are specialists in their area of expertise.  They know how to solve problems.  They have the right knowledge, the right tools and the right technology.  No matter what is your situation today, in the Kingdom of God, we serve a God that has the ability to turn any situation around and solve any problem.  God is our turnaround specialist.  In this dynamic message Dr. Guy is teaching how you can position yourself to experience a supernatural turnaround and your breakthrough.  

 God Wants to Change Your Frustration Into Contraction (1 DVD) 

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How would you like to be in a place where:  Your results do not match your effort in ministry, life or business; your harvest does not match your seed, your ministry results do not match your anointing.  In this message Dr. Guy will teach you how God can change your frustration into your miracle, using spiritual contraction.  Get ready for your breakthrough. 

   Invitation to the supernatural  (1 DVD)

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To receive your blessings you need to undesrtand God's promises for you.  every promise of God is an invitation to the supernatural.  Because the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 2 : 8, 'You cannot see in the natural, with your senses', what God has for you.  The promise of God demands a revelation, a revelation from the Spirit.  A lot of people are frustrated in the Kingdom of God, because they stand in the natural trying to receive supernatural things.  You have to learn how to step into the supernatural to receive all God has promised you.  In these messages Dr. Guy will teach you how to possess the promise.

 It's All Gonna Work Out For Good - The Spiritual Law of Synchronicity (1 DVD)

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Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance and that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner. In this powerful message Dr. Guy Peh teaches how all things work together for good in the life of a child of God. Synchronicity teaches is that we live our life looking forward but we understand it looking backward and that as a child of God we don't always know the difference between a good day and a bad day. Therefore we can disarm disappointment and frustration. If you have a call, a vision or a destiny this message will help you walk it out.

 Keys To Receiving Your Miracle (2 DVD)

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When Jesus began His earthly ministry, He performed miracles to show people what God was really like.  Don't you love to read the miracle accounts of Jesus?  They fill us with hope and faith.  They serve as our foundation for miracle living.  They have been recorded to give you a glimpse of Jesus' response to sickness, suffering and destruction. God wants you to enjoy miracle living. His plan is for you to dominate sickness, evil spirits and destruction just as Jesus did.  What Jesus started you can continue.

   Kingdom Reality (1 DVD)

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The Kingdom of God is the realm where God reigns, where His lordship and will are exercised.  This is the reality of God.  The question becomes, can the Kingdom of God impose itself over my body, my finances, my business, my emotions, my thoughts and intellect?  Your answer to this question will determine your ability to receive and possess all the blessings that God has for you.  In these messages Dr. Guy will teach you how the Kingdom of God can impose itself over your reality and how to make it happen in your life.  You don't have to be subject to your circumstances.  God has an orientation of success for you.  God can perform unusual miracles for you if you align yourself with the relaities of God's Word.

Living Your Life Under an Open Heaven (1 DVD)

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Heaven wants to invade the earth. Jesus said to His disciples: "They Kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven." In heaven there is no sickness, poverty, depression but in heaven there is glory, power and blessings. You can bring the reality of heaven on earth and change your circumstances. To do so we must learn how to live our life under an open heaven. In this teaching Dr. Guy Peh is teaching how you can practically live your live under an open heaven.

Lost and Found - I am getting it all back (1 DVD)

$ 8 + $ 2 shipping

Sometimes in life due to a crisis, unfortunate circumstances, poor judgment people loose things. Some have lost opportunities, relationships, finances, possessions, health,... If you are ready to position yourself to get back what you have lost this message is for you. In this message Dr. Guy teaches that our God is a God of restoration and He can give you much more than you have lost.

  Mantles, Assignments and Purpose (1 DVD)  

$ 8 + $ 2 shipping

Being born again gives you access to the Kingdom.  It is the door, not the end.  Some people never experience the fullness of what God has for them in the Kingdom; they live their life at the door of the Kingdom.  The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of purpose, assignments and mantles.  In this message Dr. Guy teaches on the dynamic of purpose, assignments and mantles.  God will never give you an assignment without the power to fulfill your assignment.  Your assignment will help you fulfill your purpose.  You are not an accident; your arrival on earth was scheduled by God.  You are born to solve problems. 

Marriage Rocks with Dr. Guy & Ilke (2 DVD) *NEW*

$ 16 + $ 2 shipping


Most people enter into a marital relationship with high expectations and low preparation. Only to be disappointed, frustrated and becoming unhappy with their marriage and sometimes sadly they decide to break their marriage. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy & Ilke share practical tools that will help both married and unmarried people be prepared for a marriage that rocks using the word of God and their personal experience they share a relevant message that will help anybody today. This teachings include: communication, difference between a man and a woman, romance, money, sex,...

1 pastor attending the seminar said that he was so blessed by the seminar and felt like he attended a marriage university and got a degree in marriage. He said: Every couple should from time to time listen to this teaching. 

 Mighty Warrior (1 DVD)

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Warfare is not just about fighting but also about strategy.  The word warfare means ‘strateia’ (battle, blows, campaigning, clash, combat, competition, and contest). A strategy is a plan of action. We must seek God for the battle plan. It is important to have a strategy in prayer. Strategy can bring our prayer into focus so that our spiritual effort in a place of prayer is not scattered but has a specific spiritual target. In this dynamic teaching Dr. Guy Peh provides practical principles of prayer and different dynamics of warfare that will empower and equip you to become a mighty warrior.

 No One Comes to the World Empty  (1 DVD)

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A child of God experiences 2 births, a natural birth and a spiritual birth. A child is born bringing to the world something from the seed and the womb that it came out of. Our present life is the result of the some total of our spiritual, emotional, psychological and biological experiences. In Acts 3, there was a man that was paralyzed from his mother’s womb. Sometimes frustration and struggles are the result of paralysis engineered by a deficit in our genealogy, domestication, spiritual upbringing or a significant event. In this message Dr. Guy Peh teaches on powerful principles on how to break free and be healed from any paralysis.

 Open Heaven (1 DVD)

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Great people of God, wherever you find them, among all the talents and gifts that they have, there is one thing that they have in common, they have learned how to shift the power of God in their generation taking something that was in the Spirit realm and bringing it into the now of their days. They have learned how to create an open heaven. The heavens being opened has something to do with a requirement being met. Something being done that creates a responsive action from the Spirit to where we begin to experience something that is beyond our own effort, something supernatural. In this message Dr. Guy Peh will teach you how to create an open heaven over your life.

  Prophetic Alignment (1 DVD)

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A prophet is one who sees and speaks for God. One of the major emphases of God in the outpouring of the Spirit in the last days is the activation and the release of the prophetic anointing in the lives of the believers. It is the responsibility of very believer to align themselves with the prophetic dimension in their life so they can receive the benefit of assignment of the prophetic, in the end time in the life of the believer. In these messages Dr. Guy Peh will teach the advantages of prophetic alignment. Prophetic alignment will give access to information that other people around you don't know. Prophetic alignment will give you favor. Prophetic alignment will release your breakthrough. Prophetic alignment will release transfer of blessings in your life. These messages will take you into a new dimension of the supernatural in your life.

  Possessing the Blessing! (1 DVD)

$ 8 + $ 2 shipping

Christianity is not based on empirical facts or proof.  Christianity is based on a promise.  It is based on the fact that if God says a thing, you can count on that thing.  God's ability to make something happen at a particular time and place is also testimony that nothing is outside of His jurisdiction.  Nothing is beyond His reach.  That He can do anything ay any time, anywhere, when He wants to do it.  He is certainly not constricted by human limitation and time.  This is an incredible thing that brings security into the life of the believer.  If you want to possess the blessing you need to understand the nature of the promise because the blessing is connected to the promise.  in this message you will learn how to Possess the Blessing by possessing the promise.

   Spiritual Technology  (2 DVD) 

The Invisible Force Behind Miracles

$ 16 + $ 2 shipping

There’s a difference between faith and science.  The universe has 2 dimensions.  There’s a natural dimension of the universe and a spiritual dimension of the universe.  The natural dimension is governed by natural laws and the spiritual dimension is governed by spiritual laws.  In the Kingdom of God there are things that can happen that we do not have an explanation for in human logic or science, these are unusual miracles.  These miracles originate from the spiritual dimension of the universe.  There’s a God that lives in the spiritual dimension that has a skill and an ability to do things that are beyond human comprehension.  That’s what Dr. Guy calls spiritual technology.  In this dynamic teaching, Dr. Guy Peh is teaching on the process behind unusual miracles and how to operate in the supernatural. 

    Streams of Kingdom Revenue (1 DVD)

$ 8 + $ 2 shipping

Anything that is counterproductive to the advancement of the Kingdom of God in your life, in your city and in your nation is a demonic system.  For every demonic system there is a kingdom model designed by God to replace and counter the demonic system.  But it is our responsibility to find the kingdom model to replace the demonic system.  In order for you to engage this world system and to raise up a kingdom model you need to understand the 7 streams of Kingdom Revenue.  In this dynamic and prolific message Dr. Guy is teaching about 7 streams of Kingdom Revenue, 4 doors that give access to the stream and the 4 levels in the stream.  Get ready for a turnaround in your finances and your destiny.

 The Fire of God (2 DVD)

$ 16 + $ 2 shipping

The Bible contains over 500 references about 'the fire', linking it with God 90 times. God in action is a blazing fire. The Lord our God is a consuming fire. Fire means a burning passion, excitement and enthusiasm. In this message you will learn what the fire of God will do in your life and how to catch it. You will learn how to spread the fire once you've caught it and change the world around you with it by preaching the gospel. God's fire doesn't fall accidentally. Something has to trigger it's release. Today you can receive the fire.

Transition (1 DVD)

$ 8 + $ 2 shipping

Transition means the act of passing from one place to another place, from one level to another level. Most of our lives we work toward a goal. You get to a certain level of accomplishment: Either a door closes, a person changes, a circumstance evolves, or you have simply got all you can get out of where you are.  It happens sometimes, against your will, you find yourself in a place of transition.  Transition can sometimes be the hardest thing to do, the hardest thing to manage, the hardest thing to put up with, and the hardest thing to deal with.  In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh teaches on the sequence of transition:  impartation – manifestation – transition and different principles we need to negotiate a successful transition in our lives.

Transition - More Than Just Change (1 DVD) *NEW*

$ 8 + $ 2 shipping

Life is one big transition: back to school, new job, wedding, birth, relocation, unemployment, divorce, health crisis, death.  Change is inevitable. How we deal with the change either strengthens us or reduces our ability to have a happy, successful and healthy life. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh discusses life-changing principles that will help anyone understand the difference between transition and change. This message will teach you how to navigate the gap between your current life stage and your future destiny.

 When you are down to nothing, God is up to something (2 DVD)

$16 + $2 shipping

Every one of us needs to learn how to live our lives serving God and believing for a miracle, yet sometimes after we have done all of that, nothing happens. This is the place where many Christians turn their backs God. In this series you will learn what you need to do to come out of a season of nothing and how to make room for the impossible in your life because when you are down to nothing, God is up to something.