Ilke brings a message of healing and freedom in Jesus through her ministry "Woman, You are precious!" Ilke is speaking at "Woman, You are precious!" conferences around the world. Many have testified of being healed and set free by this ministry.


Millions of woman all around the world share the same pains, fears and doubts. Their spirit is scarred and wounded. So many women have realized through Ilke's ministry that God knows every detail of their lives from their painful past to their limitless potential.

Women must realize that they are precious in the eyes of God. When it feels like things are hopeless, there is hope! The joy, peace, and security available through Jesus by the power of God's spirit is something all women should experience.

If you haven't been, join Ilke for an upcoming "Woman, You Are Precious!" conference event. It will be a life changing experience you wont want to miss!

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