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Free from Fear of Police

I use to hate the police. I've seen so many families ripped apart by drug busts and I've been treated like a criminal when I was trying to fly straight. I've been arrested for having a vicodin in my pocket and not in it's bottle. I've been pulled over and searched illegally and held up for hours just because I was in a '64 Impala and tatted up. I have been stripped and left naked in a cell over stealing food for my kids. I have seen them do things outside the law and I was so afraid of them. I knew they could hurt me if they wanted to and that no one would try to protect me. I was so angry, I use to love hearing about cops getting killed. I would always say that before I died, I wanted to shoot a cop with his own gun and watch him bleed out. It was totally demonic. Then I was in a meeting at church and Ilke Peh was praying and she said from the stage "Somebody here is afraid of the police". I broke into a million peices and surrendered my fear and hate to God. In that moment, He came in and healed my heart. Now instead of getting angry or scared when I see them, I have love and respect in my heart. It's as great a miracle is blind eyes being opened! He healed my heart! I can honestly say (and I know some of my folks are going to get mad about this, but) I LOVE THE POLICE! I pray for their safety. I pray for their families. There are bad ones, but there's bad people everywhere, in every profession, especially gangsters and hustlers, so let's drop the façade. Don't be mad at the police. Be mad at the devil for tricking you into thinking the hustle is all you got. Kristine

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