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CD messages from Ilke Peh


 Are You Rooted or Emotional - by Ilke Peh (1 CD) 

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Never settle for less than the best that God has for you. God intends that we may flourish, that we may blossom. Every gardener knows that gardens must be constantly cultivated in order to produce fruits, flowers and vegetables. A gardener must pull up uninvited weeds that grow alongside the valuable plants. A gardener must carefully and continually tend to a garden. Careful cultivation is crucial to the life and of the fruit-producing Christian. A plant is only as good as its roots. Roots although they are unseen, they are essential for long term stability and nourishment. How deeply are you rooted?

 Flourish - by Ilke Peh (2 CD)

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God could have set up a camp somewhere in the world and knocked out anyone who came within 100 feet in the spirit; then post an announcement to the world - "if you want to see if I am real come and see Me". But He purposely left part of the thing blank so the only way you can approach Him is by reaching out with your faith. Smart people think they cannot be part of a faith community because they cannot figure out God. In these messages you will learn everything you need to begin a journey of victory in faith. You will learn what it means to have faith, how to become a man or woman of faith.

The Freedom of Choosing to Forgive - by Ilke Peh (1 CD)

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In life we need to write the good things on gold and the bad things on water. We always remember the bad things and the good things are washed away in the water. Offenses will come but you don't have to be offended. 10 % of life is what happens to you, 90 % of life is how you respond to what happened to you. In this message using the story of her own life and the life of Joseph, Ilke will teach you powerful principles on forgiveness and how you know you have forgiven someone.

 Freedom From Unseen Prisons - by Ilke Peh (2 CD)

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Most people don't realize they are in prison until they try to escape. A prisoner is someone whose liberty is restrained in any way. Satan is restraining many Christians by restraining their liberty in the Lord. He imprisons people without using bars or doors. These prisons have been so enhanced by outward appearances and comfort of the flesh that we don't even recognize them as being prisons. These are prisons that we must deal with in our minds and in our hearts. In this message Ilke Peh will reach you how to break free from invisible prisons in your life, unforgiven, soul ties and manipulation.

 Kingmaker - by Ilke Peh (1CD)

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You are royalty! You are a princess! You are a queen!

God did not just call you to be His princess or His queen, He also called every woman to be a 'kingmaker'. A 'kingmaker' has a God given ability to make others great. A 'kingmaker' has an ability to add something to everyone she comes in contact with. A 'kingmaker' is the wife that every man wants. She's the woman you want to manage your company. She's the teamplayer who helps you to win. In this teaching, Ilke Peh shares practical information on how to be a 'kingmaker'. This teaching includes pratical advise that will help every woman that's married and wants to have a succesful marriage. (PG-13 this teaching includes open talk about sex in marriage)

 Love Story - Come Back After A Set Back - by Ilke Peh (2 CD)

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From the Romance Story of Ruth

Do you need a come back after a set back?

In this message Ilke Peh teaches dynamic and powerful principles from the love story of Ruth that will help you experience a comeback after a setback.

 You got the choice: give up, give in or give it your all. 

 No Pressure - No Diamond - by Ilke Peh (1 CD) 

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Diamonds owe their value only to their scarcity. Be like a diamond; precious and rare, not like a stone that is found everywhere.

Anything that is extremely valuable will be counterfeited. Don't be scared to present the real you to the world, authenticity is at the heart of success. Lose the mask be real! Be yourself! Be unique! Be true! Be honest! Be humble! Be happy! Shine in your own way.

A diamond is a lump of coal that was perfected under pressure. No pressure, no diamond. Pressure makes diamonds. If you are feeling pressure today you are about to shine.

In this message Ilke Peh compares the 4 characteristics of a diamond to how a person can shine like a diamond.

You are a diamond with a great value! Shine! 

 S.H.I.N.E. - Share His Incredible News Everywhere - by Ilke Peh (1 CD) 

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Shine bright like a flashlight.

Let your light shine so bright that others can see their way out of the dark. Light removes darkness, reveals danger and shows paths.

Something is fishy if we aren’t fishing for men. There’s enough Bread of Life to supply the whole world, but are there enough volunteers to distribute it? Every heart without Christ is a mission field; every heart with Christ is a missionary.

In this teaching Ilke Peh shares that the secret of evangelism is allowing the love of Christ to overflow in every word, every action and every thought. Your touch, your kindness lights up a life just as sparkling as a diamond lights up a hand or neck.

Stand Out - by Ilke Peh (1 CD)

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A person who stands out from the crowd is someone who is comfortable with who they are, has the confidence to be unique and to let their individuality shine.

God has handpicked you.  You’re special.  You are a princess!  You are a kingmaker!

In this dynamic teaching about the life of queen Esther, Ilke Peh teaches principles that will help you to stand out and make a big difference in your generation. You are called to stand out and make a difference.

 Woman, you are called to Impact your Generation - by Ilke Peh (1 CD)

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Every generation has people who influence them.  In the middle of a critical time in the nation of Israel, when they needed someone to lead, God used Deborah's courage and faith to change her generation.  There's a call for every woman in the body of Christ to be used by God to impact their generation.  In this message Ilke will teach you how to leave your fear behind and how to position yourself with the right attitude to impact your generation. 

 You are God's masterpiece - by Ilke Peh (1 CD)

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God wants to use you!

God never sees what men see.  When you are ready, open and willing to be used however God chooses,  you' ll be amazed at how many opportunities come your way.  God uses people who are available, who have failed, who are insecure and who are unlikely.  Do you qualify?  You are just the messenger, not the message!

Start where you are!  Start now!  You're God's masterpiece!

CD messages from Dr. Guy Peh

 Achieving Balance in an Unbalanced World (1 CD)

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Balance is stability produced by even distribution of weight on each side of the vertical axes. It is also mental and emotional steadiness. A lot of people today are unhappy and frustrated because they are struggling to find balance in their lives. In this teaching Dr. Guy teaches practical principles how people can achieve balance in an unbalanced world. 


Activating the Seer in You (2 CD)

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In this training on the supernatural, using the life of the prophet Samuel Dr. Guy Peh extracts spiritual and kingdom principles that will help you operate in the supernatural and how to see in the spirit.  Get ready to activate your spiritual senses and tap into the realm of the spirit and watch God use you mightily to impact your generation.

Activation - Secrets of the Word of Knowledge  (3 CD)

$ 18 + $ 2 shipping

In this practical teaching Dr. Guy provides practical insight on how to operate in the gift of the word of knowledge. The word of knowledge is the revelation of facts (past, present, or future) which were not learned through the efforts of the natural mind. It is knowledge received from the Holy Spirit to enable us to more effectively minister to the needs of people, to know and understand situations, circumstances, and strategies of the enemy (the kingdom of darkness). The word of knowledge enables us to know how to speak in the above situations with a knowledge that can amaze, surprise, disarm, and open-up. It can bring answers, healing, and understanding. Get ready to be used by God.

 Active Wating - Fly High & Last Long (1 CD)

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Some people fly high but they do not last long. They are just like firecrackers they go up and then they are gone. Other people fly long but never fly high. They just drag their chin on the ground all their Christian life. But God calls us to fly high. He calls us to enter in His presence to know our destiny, to feel His power, to feel His love, and to be spiritually empowered by Him for our lives. He does not want us to fusel through storms and any challenge in our lives. He wants us to fulfill the destiny He has for us and to fly high and last long. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy teaches principles that will help anyone fly high and last long in their spiritual journey with God.

 An Apostolic Movement for a Prophetic and Apostolic Generation (1 CD)

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Do you want to be used by God?   This message is perfect to help you understand how to move from the place of limitations into your assignment.  Dr. Guy is teaching about the apostolic movement of the Holy Spirit in the Kingdom of God in the last days.  If you are dissatisfied with the way things are, God has something new for you.  God doesn't ask you to be the best, just to do your best.  You are not the message but you are the messenger.

Anger Management - How long does it take you to get hot? (1 CD)

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He who guards his mouth preserves his life, but he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction. Proverbs 13 : 3 A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, but the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness. Proverbs 15 : 1 – 2  In this dynamic teaching, Dr. Guy gives practical principles on how to deal with anger.  Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.  Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.  

 Anointment for Appointment (1 CD)

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Some people are anointed by God but the do not have the appointment by men. But other are appointment by men but not anointed by God. If we want to be all and do all what God has called us to do, we need the anointment and the appointment.  In this dynamic message Dr. teaches on how its important to be anointed and appointed and on how to defeat the giants (impossibilities) in your life.

Authority (2 CD)

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Most Christians know who God is and know who the devil is, but most Christians don't know who they are. They confuse authority with what authority is not. Authority is not based on personality, experience or how long you have been a Christian. In this series Dr Guy will teach how to operate and walk in authority. Learn how to take control over your enemy and how to walk in victory.

Battle Ready - Battle Winner (1 CD)

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There is an exceedingly good land that you are meant to occupy. God has already promised it to you but sometimes there are giants that you will have to defeat to possess the land. In order to possess the land you must be battle ready. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh is teaching on 5 characteristics of a battle ready person. Learn from Joshua’s military campaign, get ready to be equipped to fight the good fight, keep the faith, finish the race and possess the land that God has for you.

Breakthrough (2 CD)

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Breakthrough is a sudden advance that propels you beyond the enemies' defense line. In these messages Dr. Guy Peh will teach you how to obtain your breakthrough using the story of the Shunammite woman. In these teachings you will learn about prophetic apprehension, prophetic time (the time when miracles happen), prophetic place (the place where miracles happen), prophetic acts, how to make room for the anointing and the dynamic of spiritual covering and miracles. Your life will be changed by the power of God. Get ready for your breakthrough.

 Changing Your Failure into Success - Your Mess Into Your Message (1 CD)

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What do you do when your best move does not work?

What do you do when you have done your best as a parent, partner, peer, employer, employee, Christian, neighbor, student, church member and your best does not seem to work? What do you do when you can see the potential in your situation but you can’t produce the possibility? Instead of success you keep finding failure. Reset your failure! In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh teaches principles that will help anyone change their failure into success and their mess into a miracle. 

Crossing Over (1 CD)

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh will teach you

-       how to cross over from spiritual blindness to spiritual sight

-       on strategies for harvest

-       principles that will help you overcome challenges in difficult times

 Developing Your Prayer Life (2 CD)

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Nothing leaves heaven unless something leaves the earth. Our prayer must leave the earth in order for miracles to leave heaven. Prayer is the spiritual laboratory that supplies on earth what heaven has prepared. You are not bigger than your prayer life. No prayer no power, some prayer some power, little prayer little power. In these messages Dr Guy Peh will teach you how to develop a successful prayer life.

Dig a Ditch (1 CD)

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Have you ever found yourself in a dry and difficult place or in pattern that is difficult to break out off in your finances, in your marriage, in your carrier, in your spiritual life or in your life? This message is for you. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy teaches on principles that will help anyone come out of a rut. Discover how to dig ditches, how to make room for miracles in your life, how to believe in the Word of God even when there are no signs of certainty of success, and how to experience multi purpose miracles. Get ready for a transformation and breakthrough in your life. 

  Divine Order in the Church (2 CD)

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Everywhere else in the world, in the world system, everything works in structure and protocol till you get around church foxes. They just want to do what they want to do, when they want to do it. We have built a church system around defeat that is designed to facilitate people where they are rather than to get them where they are supposed to be. Most people's life is in chaos. That chaos is not visible to them because they are living around people's lives who are in chaos. When God begins to change your life He begins to bring order into chaos. Dr. Guy Peh will teach you in this message what the Divine order of God in the church is all about.

Don't Miss Your Exit (1 CD) *NEW*

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Being stuck means I can’t pass my feelings of loneliness, I can’t pass my fear of public speaking, I can’t pass my fear of failure, I can’t leave this relationship. You fill the blank. The reason why we are stuck is because we keep missing our exit from our current season or circumstances. When you become captive of your own negative state it is very hard to see the reality of where everything is possible and that is because we only see what we feel about life and that is where we get stuck. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh provides practical exit strategies that will help anyone get unstuck from circumstances and seasons that they are struggling to move forward from. Get ready to be liberated with dynamic and powerful exit strategies.

Don't Sleep On My Baby (1 CD)

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Potential is not who I am but it’s who I can become. Potential is what I do not have but still can have. Potential is not what I have done but what I can still do. God did not say to men, be full of seed and multiply but He said be fruitful and multiply. In other words, I have already placed something in you in a potential form that you have to develop. God wants you to become your own brand. The easiest time to kill something is when it is at its infancy stage. Many people today do not fulfill their destiny because it is killed. In this message Dr. Guy is teaching how you can develop your potential and things you shouldn't’t do that may kill your potential and what other people may do to kill your potential. When you are pregnant with potential you don’t need to hang around abortionists, you need to hang around midwives. Some people have the ability to spiritually assassinate you and kill your potential. Watch out whom you hang around when you have purpose and destiny.

Enlargement (1 CD)  

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Anything that stops growing starts dying.  Anyone who stops pressing forward to gain new heights starts losing ground.  This is just as true for life in the Spirit and life in the flesh.  You will find out that even professional athletes, at the heights of their career will seek out a coach and take time to revamp their game.  Their goal is to become better than they already are.  Increase can come on purpose with purposeful intentions that’s the attitude of a champion, may it be yours as well.  In this powerful message Dr. Guy Peh is teaching how to break the power of limitation and increase your capacity.

  Evangelism By Fire (2 CD)

$ 12 + $ 2 shipping

When God wants to engage a culture, He raises up the Church, Genesis 28:10 "The House of God is the Gate to Heaven". There is a mission call to the Church for Evangelism; to reach outside the wall to the community to reach lost souls. In these messages you will learn about Evangelism and Missions.

 Faith: The Power of Believing (3 CD)

$ 18 + $ 2 shipping

CD 1: The length of your faith determines the strengty of your faith;

CD 2: Characteristics of faith;

CD 3: Lessons of faith from a leper. 

 Faith That Moves The Mountains (2 CD)

$ 12 + $ 2 shipping

God could have set up a camp somewhere in the world and knocked out anyone who came within 100 feet in the spirit; then post an announcement to the world - "if you want to see if I am real come and see Me". But He purposely left part of the thing blank so the only way you can approach Him is by reaching out with your faith. Smart people think they cannot be part of a faith community because they cannot figure out God. In these messages you will learn everything you need to begin a journey of victory in faith. You will learn what it means to have faith, how to become a man or woman of faith.

Fear Factor - Faith Factor (1 CD)

$6 + $2 shipping

Fear is no respecter of persons.  That's why many people will never realize their potential, live out their goals, maximize their ability or fulfill their purpose because they see everything not through the eyes of faith but through the eyes of fear. Your perspective determines your product, your energy determines your effect, and your outlook determines your outcome.  In this message Dr. Guy teaches on how to overcome fear and how to see life and problems through the eyes of faith. Faith says there is no problem that I face now or that I will ever face in the future that God and I together cannot handle.  

 From Chaos to Order (1 CD)  

The Power of a Prophetic Decree 

 $ 6 + $ 2 shipping

There’s a law of chaos built in the universe.  That’s why natural or spiritual order does not occur randomly.  Spiritual force has to be exercised to bring order into chaos.  Sickness, failure, poverty, confusion are results of chaos.  A decree is an order carrying legislative power given by someone who understands their authority in Christ.  A decree has the power to bring order into chaos.  In this message Dr. Guy is teaching how to bring order in every chaos in your life.   He will teach you how words have power, presence and prophetic and spiritual implication with no geographical limitation. 

   Get your Life back on Track (1 CD)  

 $ 6 + $ 2 shipping

Sometimes life can be very complicated.  When life seems complicated it becomes very hard and difficult to really get it on track.  Many people are trying to get their life on track; they try to get it together.  Then once they get it together, they want to keep it together; moving in the right direction.  People feel overwhelmed when they feel like their life is overly complicated.   At times they feel that there are so many things to deal with that they don’t know where to start.  In this message Dr. Guy Peh is teaching on principles that a person can apply to get their life on track, to keep it together and move in the right direction.

God is your Turnaround Specialist (1 CD)  

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

The solving of problems demands specialization.  If you have a car problem, you want to go see a car mechanic.  If you have a legal problem you want to see a lawyer.  If you have a health problem you want to see a doctor.  Mechanics, lawyers and doctors are specialists in their area of expertise.  They know how to solve problems.  They have the right knowledge, the right tools and the right technology.  No matter what is your situation today, in the Kingdom of God, we serve a God that has the ability to turn any situation around and solve any problem.  God is our turnaround specialist.  In this dynamic message Dr. Guy is teaching how you can position yourself to experience a supernatural turnaround and your breakthrough.

  God Wants to Change Your Frustration Into Contraction (1 CD) 

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

How would you like to be in a place where:  Your results do not match your effort in ministry, life or business; your harvest does not match your seed, your ministry results do not match your anointing.  In this message Dr. Guy will teach you how God can change your frustration into your miracle, using spiritual contraction.  Get ready for your breakthrough. 

  Have You Lost Your Edge (1 CD) *NEW*

 $ 6 + $ 2 shipping

There is no forward movement in life that is about without its setbacks. It seems that anytime a person sets their mind to grow, there are going to be challenges for that growth. Maybe you feel that way today. Though you are exerting strenuous effort, you are making little progress in your spiritual life. This happens to us sometimes when we lose our spiritual edge. God wants you to go forward. He wants you to progress and not become stagnant in your spiritual life. Often in life, many people lose that cutting-edge, but they are too proud to admit it. Your cutting-edge is the thing that makes you powerful in your life living for God. It is the passion that fills your heart when you first get saved; as you look at your life today in honesty and transparency, perhaps you would have to say that you have lost that edge, that excitement, that zeal, that spiritual passion you once had. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh provides practical steps that will guide and help anyone on how to regain their spiritual edge.

Healing is For Me NOW (3 CD)

$ 18 + $ 2 shipping

From the moment of birth, whenever babies feel uncomfortable, they cry for help or for relief, 'fix me, make me feel better'.  Essentially we never stop searching for an answer for the aches and pains of aging, the cramps or muscle spasm from exercise, the bumps and scrapes (damages) from falls or sports injuries, the allergies or cold symptoms as the season-pass, stomachache from eating wrong foods.  We all want to be comfortable and free from pain and sickness.  What's the answer?  Jesus is the answer.  He is the source of healing for all diseases, discomfort or pain. He knows how to cure all conditions no matter how small or large, how simple or complicated.  He is the answer.  He is the physician.  He is the counselor. He knows the root cause of your infirmity and ailments.  He heals all aspects of our being (mental, physical, emotional and financial).  In this teaching Dr. Guy Peh teaches on different ways you can receive your healing.  If you need healing this teaching is for you.

 Healing is for you NOW! 

Hey Men! Fight for Your Marriage! (2 CD)

$ 12 + $ 2 shipping

Dr. Peh provides timely tools for developing and maintaining a good marriage. Breaking the chains of iniquity that have men bound in emotional torment including trauma, addictions and many other spiritual bondages, which conspire to prevent men from being all that God has called them to be.

Home Improvement - Marriage Seminar - with Dr. Guy & Ilke (4 CD)

$24 + $2 shipping

Everybody knows their house needs regular maintenance to keep things in good repair.

When it comes to remodeling a house there are things we need to remember:

It is messier than you anticipate

Remodeling can be chaotic, cluttered, saw dusty, noisy, costly, and stressful.

It is true of your home life and family as well.

Marriage does not start at the wedding and continues to go on forever all by itself. It needs to be worked on day by day! And it will be only as good as the investment you make in it. You either grow and deepen the connection to your spouse or your marriage will start to deteriorate.

In this dynamic teaching seminar Dr. Guy and Ilke discuss tools that will help you improve your marriage and family life. Some of the subjects they share on are sex, communication, romance, finances, children, conflict resolution,.. 

 It's Time To Turn The Page (1 CD) *NEW*

 $ 6 + $ 2 shipping

One of the greatest obstacles to experiencing God’s abundance in our lives today is our refusal to let go of what we went through yesterday. The past cannot be revamped, revived, renovated or repaired. It was what it was, it happened like it happened, what went down went down, it is over, let it go! You cannot revive the past, you can only remember it, revisit it, or perhaps regret it, but you cannot rearrange it. One of the keys to a successful life is the growing capacity to accept change as a part of life. It is possible for some people to be in bondage to the past. You’ve to let go of the negative things of the past if you want to move into the future of what God has already planned for you. It’s time to turn the page. Your future can be incarcerated by your past. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh provides practical insight that will help you make an end to create a whole new beginning; to turn the page so that you can move on to the next chapter of your life. Learn how to let go of things that can suffocate your present and your future. 

Impartation (1 CD)

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

To impart means to grant, bestow, to pass on, to transmit,... For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established. Romans 1:11 The transference of the anointing is clearly a Biblically documented God initiated event. When Elisha begged ‘let me inherit a double portion of your spirit’, he was not asking for the power of Elijah’s human spirit, but for the Spirit of God to work through him as he did through his teacher. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh teaches on biblical concepts about impartation and on how to receive an impartation.

  Invitation to the supernatural  (3 CD)

$ 18 + $ 2 shipping

To receive your blessings you need to undesrtand God's promises for you.  every promise of God is an invitation to the supernatural.  Because the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 2 : 8, 'You cannot see in the natural, with your senses', what God has for you.  The promise of God demands a revelation, a revelation from the Spirit.  A lot of people are frustrated in the Kingdom of God, because they stand in the natural trying to receive supernatural things.  You have to learn how to step into the supernatural to receive all God has promised you.  In these messages Dr. Guy will teach you how to possess the promise. 

 It's All Gonna Work Out For Good - The Spiritual Law of Synchronicity (1 CD)

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance and that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner. In this powerful message Dr. Guy Peh teaches how all things work together for good in the life of a child of God. Synchronicity teaches is that we live our life looking forward but we understand it looking backward and that as a child of God we don't always know the difference between a good day and a bad day. Therefore we can disarm disappointment and frustration. If you have a call, a vision or a destiny this message will help you walk it out.

 Keys To Receiving Your Miracle (4 CD)

$ 24 + $ 2 shipping

When Jesus began His earthly ministry, He performed miracles to show people what God was really like.  Don't you love to read the miracle accounts of Jesus?  They fill us with hope and faith.  They serve as our foundation for miracle living.  They have been recorded to give you a glimpse of Jesus' response to sickness, suffering and destruction. God wants you to enjoy miracle living. His plan is for you to dominate sickness, evil spirits and destruction just as Jesus did.  What Jesus started you can continue.

Killing the Giant of Criticism (1 CD)

You can't please everybody!

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

Whether you are higher or lower; there is always somebody criticizing whatever you do and whoever you are. How you manage that criticism, how you respond to that criticism, has to do with how effective you will be in your life. You have to live with criticism. It’s always going to be there, it’s not going away. The only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing, say nothing, be nothing and then be ignored. If you are overly sensitive to the opinions and criticism of others, you will end up carrying a needless burden of guilt and inadequacy.  If you just try to please yourself, you will become egocentric and selfish.  That’s why as Christians, we seek to please God, not other people. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh will teach you how to handle criticism.

  Kingdom Reality (2 CD)

$ 12 + $ 2 shipping

The Kingdom of God is the realm where God reigns, where His lordship and will are exercised.  This is the reality of God.  The question becomes, can the Kingdom of God impose itself over my body, my finances, my business, my emotions, my thoughts and intellect?  Your answer to this question will determine your ability to receive and possess all the blessings that God has for you.  In these messages Dr. Guy will teach you how the Kingdom of God can impose itself over your reality and how to make it happen in your life.  You don't have to be subject to your circumstances.  God has an orientation of success for you.  God can perform unusual miracles for you if you align yourself with the relaities of God's Word.

Laws that Govern the Anointing (3 CD)

$ 18 + $ 2 shipping

There are spiritual laws that regulate the power of God in your life. In this series you will learn how to cultivate the power, how to receive the power, how to release the power and how to protect the power of God in your life.

 Leadership: Kingdom Leaders (1 CD)

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

In every kingdom in the world people know how to define their leaders. Sometimes it's not easy to define a leader in the Kingdom Of God.  In this message Dr. Guy Peh defines what leadership is and gives 10 characteristics of a leader in the Kingdom. If you are a leader or would like to become a leader this teaching is for you. Get inspired to become the leader that God has called you to be. 


 Leadership: Leadership Principles (2 CD's) *NEW*

 $ 12 + $ 2 shipping

The Mirror Effect 

New Wine In The Cluster 

Right Positioning of People in Leadership 

As a leader, your followers can be a reflection of you. And not only will you attract others like yourself, but over time, those who follow you will mirror both your negative and positive characteristics. If you want to know the temperature of an organization, put a thermometer in the leader’s mouth. 

The new wine is found in team ministry, in the cluster. Your church, organization is like a type and shadow of a cluster and people are like a type and shadow of grapes. The spirit of your church (or organization) will be designed around the people that you will include in the cluster. You can’t get a sweet wine (sweet spirit) from sour grapes. 

When a department in your church (or organization) is up, that means that it is meeting its goal. If it is down, it means it is not. 

In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh provides practical insights for leadership that will help leaders become effective in their leadership and create the kind of leadership structure that will make their organization be successful, by training and putting the right people at the right place. 

Leadership: Relationship Intelligence (1 CD) *NEW*

 $ 6 + $ 2 shipping

Many leaders make the mistake of separating leadership from relationships. This happens when a person steps into a position of leadership and assumes that everyone will follow them because of their position. Effective leaders don't focus on themselves and their own success. They are ‘other’ minded. To them success means developing other people. You can have people skills and not be a good leader but you cannot be a good leader without people skills. In this dynamic teaching Dr. Guy Peh provides practical insights and principles that will help anyone develop people skills and relationship intelligence. 

Leadership: Why Should People Follow You As A Leader (1 CD) *NEW*

 $ 6 + $ 2 shipping

People follow leaders for a variety of reasons. As leaders increase their influence with people, they expand their reasons for others to follow them. The leader’s effectiveness must increase with time if he or she is going to attract new people as well as retain new present followers. In this dynamic teaching Dr. Guy Peh provides practical principles and insight that will help any leader understand what level of leadership they are on with people and understand how to deepen their leadership influence.

Leadership: Develop the Leader in You (2 CD)

$ 12 + $ 2 shipping

He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not but think that he knows, is a fool. Leave him alone.Now he who knows not and know that he knows not, is a child, teach him. Now him who knows and knows not that he knows, he is asleep wake him. Oh but he who knows and knows that he knows, and uses what he knows is a leader follow him. There is a leader inside of every one of us. But we must be able to develop that leader in us. It must be a life long commitment and process. In this teaching 'Develop the Leader in You', Dr. Guy addresses the call of leadership, reasons why people don't want to lead, how to exercise leadership and how to love people.

Leadership: Understanding Your Visions & Dreams (1 CD)

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Visionary people are propelled by their dreams. They see God's design and they have the passion to see it fulfilled. Where there's no vision people perish. Every great achievement in the world began as a dream or a vision. But a lot of times people do not understand their visions and dreams. In this message Dr. Guy Peh will teach you how to understand your visions and dreams and the practical steps you need to take to see your dreams and visions come to pass.

Lies People Believe About Money - Kingdom Finance (1 CD)

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One of the tools satan uses to destroy incentive, goals and joy of accomplishment is financial difficulty.  Money does count.  Life hinges on it.  Money is the power part of our world.  With it we bargain, trade and exchange our way through life.  Shelter, food, medical care, education and even self-preservation involve money.  Money is a basic method of communication between human beings. Thousands live unfulfilled and frustrated lives because they do not understand the truth about money.  In this teaching on Kingdom Finances, Dr. Guy Peh teaches on lies that people believe about money and how you can become financially prosperous.  Get ready for your life to change and to enter into a new season of prosperity and success.

Living Your Life Under an Open Heaven (1 CD)

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Heaven wants to invade the earth. Jesus said to His disciples: "They Kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven." In heaven there is no sickness, poverty, depression but in heaven there is glory, power and blessings. You can bring the reality of heaven on earth and change your circumstances. To do so we must learn how to live our life under an open heaven. In this teaching Dr. Guy Peh is teaching how you can practically live your live under an open heaven.

Lost and Found - I am getting it all back (1 CD)

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Sometimes in life due to a crisis, unfortunate circumstances, poor judgment people loose things. Some have lost opportunities, relationships, finances, possessions, health,... If you are ready to position yourself to get back what you have lost this message is for you. In this message Dr. Guy teaches that our God is a God of restoration and He can give you much more than you have lost.

   Mantles, Assignments and Purpose (1 CD)  

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Being born again gives you access to the Kingdom.  It is the door, not the end.  Some people never experience the fullness of what God has for them in the Kingdom; they live their life at the door of the Kingdom.  The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of purpose, assignments and mantles.  In this message Dr. Guy teaches on the dynamic of purpose, assignments and mantles.  God will never give you an assignment without the power to fulfill your assignment.  Your assignment will help you fulfill your purpose.  You are not an accident; your arrival on earth was scheduled by God.  You are born to solve problems. 

Marriage Rocks with Dr. Guy & Ilke (4 CD) 

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Most people enter into a marital relationship with high expectations and low preparation. Only to be disappointed, frustrated and becoming unhappy with their marriage and sometimes sadly they decide to break their marriage. In this dynamic messages Dr. Guy & Ilke share practical tools that ill help both married and unmarried people be prepared for a marriage that rocks using the word of God and their personal experience they share a relevant message that will help anybody today. This teachings include: communication, difference between a man and a woman, romance, money, sex, how a man can love his woman and how a woman can love her man,...

1 pastor attending the seminar said that he was so blessed by the seminar and felt like he attended a marriage university and got a degree in marriage. He said: Every couple should from time to time listen to this teachings. 

 Mighty Warrior (1 CD)

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Warfare is not just about fighting but also about strategy.  The word warfare means ‘strateia’ (battle, blows, campaigning, clash, combat, competition, and contest). A strategy is a plan of action. We must seek God for the battle plan. It is important to have a strategy in prayer. Strategy can bring our prayer into focus so that our spiritual effort in a place of prayer is not scattered but has a specific spiritual target. In this dynamic teaching Dr. Guy Peh provides practical principles of prayer and different dynamics of warfare that will empower and equip you to become a mighty warrior.

  No One Comes To The World Empty (1 CD)

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A child of God experiences 2 births, a natural birth and a spiritual birth. A child is born bringing to the world something from the seed and the womb that it came out of. Our present life is the result of the some total of our spiritual, emotional, psychological and biological experiences. In Acts 3, there was a man that was paralyzed from his mother’s womb. Sometimes frustration and struggles are the result of paralysis engineered by a deficit in our genealogy, domestication, spiritual upbringing or a significant event. In this message Dr. Guy Peh teaches on powerful principles on how to break free and be healed from any paralysis.

 Open Heaven (1 CD)

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Great people of God, wherever you find them, among all the talents and gifts that they have, there is one thing that they have in common, they have learned how to shift the power of God in their generation taking something that was in the Spirit realm and bringing it into the now of their days. They have learned how to create an open heaven. The heavens being opened has something to do with a requirement being met. Something being done that creates a responsive action from the Spirit to where we begin to experience something that is beyond our own effort, something supernatural. In this message Dr. Guy Peh will teach you how to create an open heaven over your life. 

Orientation For Success (1 CD)

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Everyone that God comes in relationship with God,His plan for them is to succeed. The success orientation comes from the concept that everyone that God touches increases, everyone that God changes increases, everyone that God speaks to changes. Success is a favorable course of anything attempted. God wants you to be successful in whatever career or calling you have. In this teaching Dr. Guy Peh is teaching practical ways on how you can become successful. Dr. Guy believes that there are 3 kinds of people in the world: the wills, the wont's and the cant's. The first accomplish everything, the second oppose everything and the third fail in everything. Be part of the wills. God wants you to be successful. 

 Overcoming Rejection - Correcting a Mistaken Identity (1 CD)

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Rejection is a universal malady. Every single one of us has tasted the pain of feeling rejection from other people. Babies are unwanted by their mothers, children are assaulted by their parents, people curse and rail upon each other, people are mocked by their mental and physical quality, others are robbed, raped, swindled and even murdered, friends discard friends, divorce rip families apart, shrewd business dealing violate victims, nations declare war on each other and the list goes on and on. If you have experienced rejection in your life and struggling with your identity, in this message Dr. Guy will teach you how to overcome rejection and correct a mistaken identity.

 Push The Power (1 CD)

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Every promise of God has 2 propositions.  There’s a top line blessing which represents what God wants to do and there’s a bottom line responsibility which represents what we need to do to experience what God wants to do. The bottom line responsibility is the requirements we need to meet to trigger the release of God’s power in our life.  The power of God moving has something to do sometimes with a requirement being met, something being done in the earth realm that creates a responsive action from the Holy Spirit that makes us experience something supernatural that is beyond our own effort.  In this dynamic teaching Dr. Guy Peh is teaching how we can push the power and experience supernatural results in our life.

 Power Surge (1 CD)

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Have you ever been in a place where you exhausted all your resources, strength and energy and yet you were still stuck in a place of limitations and needed a breakthrough? In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh is teaching about how the power of God can surge in your life and break limitations. Learn how to position yourself to receive and experience a power surge. Learn about things that can stop a power surge in your life. Get ready for limitations to be broken, breakthrough, miracles, signs and wonders to be released in your life.

Preparing for an Exponential Future (1 CD)

Setting goals for your life

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You should not put off to tomorrow what you can do today. Today you need to get ready for tomorrow in case tomorrow comes. Benjamin Franklin said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” My point is: We should celebrate the past, cease the present and claim the future. We need to live today as if it was our last day but we need to prepare today as if it will not be our last day. We need to be sure that if tomorrow does come that it will be indeed the best day of your life. An actress once said: I always wanted to be somebody but now I recognize that I should have been more specific.’  In this message Dr. Guy teaches on how you can prepare for an exponential future. 

Proclaiming and Claiming Your Healing (2 CD) 

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If you want to have a saturated atmosphere of healing and miracles in your house, car or hospital this CD is for you. In this CD Dr. Guy Peh is praying, proclaiming and prophesying the release of healing, signs, wonders and miracles based on healing Scriptures. This CD includes 100 prayer and prophetic proclamations for healing, signs, wonders and raising the dead. If you need a healing this CD is for you, if you need a miracle this CD is for you, if you need a breakthrough to this CD is for you. Listen and put your faith in action. Healing is for you now.

  Prophetic Alignment (2 CD)

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A prophet is one who sees and speaks for God. One of the major emphases of God in the outpouring of the Spirit in the last days is the activation and the release of the prophetic anointing in the lives of the believers. It is the responsibility of very believer to align themselves with the prophetic dimension in their life so they can receive the benefit of assignment of the prophetic, in the end time in the life of the believer. In these messages Dr. Guy Peh will teach the advantages of prophetic alignment. Prophetic alignment will give access to information that other people around you don't know. Prophetic alignment will give you favor. Prophetic alignment will release your breakthrough. Prophetic alignment will release transfer of blessings in your life. These messages will take you into a new dimension of the supernatural in your life.

 Possessing the Blessing! (2 CD) 

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Christianity is not based on empirical facts or proof.  Christianity is based on a promise.  It is based on the fact that if God says a thing, you can count on that thing.  God's ability to make something happen at a particular time and place is also testimony that nothing is outside of His jurisdiction.  Nothing is beyond His reach.  That He can do anything ay any time, anywhere, when He wants to do it.  He is certainly not constricted by human limitation and time.  This is an incredible thing that brings security into the life of the believer.  If you want to possess the blessing you need to understand the nature of the promise because the blessing is connected to the promise.  in this message you will learn how to Possess the Blessing by possessing the promise.

Rethink Possible (1 CD)

Rethink the Impossible as Possible

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Divine direction, will always enlist our participation, heighten our anticipation and stretch our imagination because living a life with God and for God will sometimes challenge your faith and require you to rethink the impossible as possible and bring your faith from the background to the foreground of your life experience.  Sometimes you cannot refer back, you will have to imagine forward.  There are times when God calls upon us to dream, to imagine, and to envision. In those moments there will be no previous points of reference because where God is taking you, has never been seen and what God is telling you to do has never been done. It is not logged in some past memory it is hidden in a future revelation. In this message Dr. Guy teaches how to rethink the impossible as possible. 

 School of the Spirit (4 CD)

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A school can be defined as a process of teaching and learning, it is also a source of knowledge. In this series of teachings Dr. Guy Peh is providing teaching and practical training for believers who are hungry and want to be developed in the things of the Spirit. The following subjects are taught: prophetic prayers, the angelical realm, authority, and signs and wonders.

Shift (1 CD) 

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The word ‘shift’ means to exchange for or replace by another, to change position or direction. Whenever you turn there is a shift and a shift creates a change and a change places you in the place of transition. When you shift and you change you change positions, that which is hidden becomes manifested, that which is down comes up, that which is unseen can be seen because there is a shift. I believe this is the season where God is going to shift things and turn things around. In this message Dr. Guy teaches on 15 shift that need to take place in our lives. 

Singleness Rocks - Marriage Rocks - Famil Rocks (1 CD) *NEW*

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Singleness is more important than a marriage because your marriage is only as good as your singleness. God created marriage for the connection of men and women, for the multiplication of the human race, for the protection of children, for the perfection of our character, for the construction of society, and for the reflection of our union with Christ. The family has a purpose. The family is the foundation unit for reproduction and development for the future of a nation. That means that the family is the prototype for society. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh provides profound insight on singleness, marriage and family. Singleness Rocks, Marriage Rocks, Family Rocks.

   Spiritual Cannibalism (1 CD)

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In this message Dr. Guy is teaching about the steps necessary to receive unusual miracles and the consequences of spiritual cannibalism.  How spiritual cannibalism can be a hindrance to recieve your blessing and your miracle.

   Spiritual Technology  (2 CD) 

The Invisible Force Behind Miracles

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There’s a difference between faith and science.  The universe has 2 dimensions.  There’s a natural dimension of the universe and a spiritual dimension of the universe.  The natural dimension is governed by natural laws and the spiritual dimension is governed by spiritual laws.  In the Kingdom of God there are things that can happen that we do not have an explanation for in human logic or science, these are unusual miracles.  These miracles originate from the spiritual dimension of the universe.  There’s a God that lives in the spiritual dimension that has a skill and an ability to do things that are beyond human comprehension.  That’s what Dr. Guy calls spiritual technology.  In this dynamic teaching, Dr. Guy Peh is teaching on the process behind unusual miracles and how to operate in the supernatural. 

 Stepping Into Your Miracle Moment (2 CD)   

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Every miracle performed by God in your life has a prophetic time line. This is why very often in Jesus ministry, He uses the phrases, my hour has not yet come or my hour has come. When His hour comes, your hour comes and nothing can stop your miracle. It's is imperative for every one that wants a miracle from God to recognize the hour of the Son of God in their lives. His hour in your life is His miracle moment. When His hour has come, you must learn how to step into it to receive your miracle. In these messages Dr. Guy will teach you how to step into your miracle moment and how to understand the miracle realm.

    Streams of Kingdom Revenue (2 CD) 

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Anything that is counterproductive to the advancement of the Kingdom of God in your life, in your city and in your nation is a demonic system.  For every demonic system there is a kingdom model designed by God to replace and counter the demonic system.  But it is our responsibility to find the kingdom model to replace the demonic system.  In order for you to engage this world system and to raise up a kingdom model you need to understand the 7 streams of Kingdom Revenue.  In this dynamic and prolific message Dr. Guy is teaching about 7 streams of Kingdom Revenue, 4 doors that give access to the stream and the 4 levels in the stream.  Get ready for a turnaround in your finances and your destiny.

Thanksliving - Express It  (1 CD)

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“Thank You” is an interesting phrase. It’s the standard of politeness in our society; the standard of civilized, polite people. Gratitude (appreciation, thankfulness) is not only among the highest virtues; it is synonymous with the deepest most profound element of scriptural holiness. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh teaches why we should be thankful and the importance of expressing it. Gratitude is a learned way of life.

 The Angelical Realm - You Got Back Up (1 CD)

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When a police officer is on duty, he may encounter situations that he can not handle by himself. He needs additional support, strenght and power to take control over the situation. To do so he calls back-up. Back-up means that other police officers will arrive and help him deal with the situation accordingly. We as believers have back-up, there are supernatural activities in the spirit., angels of God on assignment to help us. In this teaching Dr. Guy teaches on the angelical realm. You are not alone, you have back-up.

The Emerging Entrepreneur (1 CD) *NEW*

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In this teaching Dr. Guy Peh teaches on principles and concepts that will empower the visionary entrepreneur to become successful in his or her endeavors in the marketplace. Receive strategies to expand into God's designed success for your life. 

 The Fire of God (2 CD)

$ 12 + $ 2 shipping

The Bible contains over 500 references about 'the fire', linking it with God 90 times. God in action is a blazing fire. The Lord our God is a consuming fire. Fire means a burning passion, excitement and enthusiasm. In this message you will learn what the fire of God will do in your life and how to catch it. You will learn how to spread the fire once you've caught it and change the world around you with it by preaching the gospel. God's fire doesn't fall accidentally. Something has to trigger it's release. Today you can receive the fire.

The Hand of the Lord (1 CD)

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

Some people live their life and don't know when God's hand is upon them to do something.  If you are going to do things in the Kingdom of God, you've got to know when the hand of Lord is upon you to do a thing.  When God's hand is upon you to do something, you can do something that other people can't do.  You can last where other people can't last.  You can stand where other people can't stand and you can accomplish what other people can't accomplish.  In this message Dr. Guy teaches what it means to get in the Spirit and allign your self with what God wants you to do and enjoy the benefits of having God's hand on you. 

There's Still Something God Can Do - Lion Tamer (1 CD) *NEW*

 $ 6 + $ 2 shipping

Life can usher us into moments where our strength can be strained, our choices can be constricted, and our faith can be fractured. And yet if you trust God, you will see how awesome and amazing He is. God can take the same circumstances that were working against you and make them work for you. In every situation there is still something left that God can do. In this dynamic preaching Dr. Guy Peh provides insights and steps on how Daniel used his faith to allow the power God to shut the mouth of the lions in the lion’s den and how in moments of transition, and difficulties we can draw encouragement strength and strategies from Daniel’s deliverance. It is good to seek the delivering power of God, to look squarely in the face of the most trying circumstances and say; “God will get me out of this.” God is the One who brings you out, brings you over, and brings you through!

The Release of the Spirit of Elijah (1 CD)

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

There are people in every city and nation who have not given in and have not accepted what people have accepted as normal. They have not stopped praying, fasting and believing. They believe that what God has for their nation has yet to come to pass. The spirit of Elijah is the manifestation of the Spirit of God in Elijah’s life. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh discuss different manifestations of power that will take place when the glory of God is manifested in someone’s life. Get ready for heaven to respond to your prayers, acceleration, angelical assistance, supernatural provision, manifestations and impartations.

The Secret Place (1 CD)

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

The secret place is a place of encounters.  An encounter with God is a collision that bridges the gap between the natural and supernatural world.  In this message Dr. Guy teaches on principles and prophetic dynamics that you need to understand to have an encounter with God.  There are different spiritual movements and different levels of spiritual warfare that every believer needs to understand in order to have spiritual breakthroughs.

 The Winning Circle (1 CD)

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

God ordained relationships and winning in your marriage.

Any time you get promoted in your life or any time your life improves, it's because a relationship of value has been added to your life.  That's why you must choose your relationships carefully.  Some people around you are connected to your history, but God will send people around you that are connected to your destiny.  God ordained relationships in your life are your winning circle.  In this message Dr. Guy Peh teaches about dynamics of relationships in your daily life and marriage.

Transition (1 CD)

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

Transition means the act of passing from one place to another place, from one level to another level. Most of our lives we work toward a goal. You get to a certain level of accomplishment: Either a door closes, a person changes, a circumstance evolves, or you have simply got all you can get out of where you are.  It happens sometimes, against your will, you find yourself in a place of transition.  Transition can sometimes be the hardest thing to do, the hardest thing to manage, the hardest thing to put up with, and the hardest thing to deal with.  In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh teaches on the sequence of transition:  impartation – manifestation – transition and different principles we need to negotiate a successful transition in our lives.

Transition - More Than Just Change (1 CD) 

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

Life is one big transition: back to school, new job, wedding, birth, relocation, unemployment, divorce, health crisis, death.  Change is inevitable. How we deal with the change either strengthens us or reduces our ability to have a happy, successful and healthy life. In this dynamic message Dr. Guy Peh discusses life-changing principles that will help anyone understand the difference between transition and change. This message will teach you how to navigate the gap between your current life stage and your future destiny.

 Understanding the Flow of Money (1 CD)

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

The root word for money is currency.  Currency means flow.  If you don't understand the flow of money it will bypass you.  Money never disappears, it always moves and it's always changing hands.  God has an orientation of success for you.   For you to experience that success economically you need to understand the dynamics of the flow of money in your life.  In this message Dr. Guy Peh shares principles that will bring light in your understanding of the flow of money in your life. 

   Unusual Miracles! (2 CD)

$ 12 + $ 2 shipping

God's ability to rule over time and to manipulate time is one of the signs of His Sovereignty.  His ability to make something happen at a particular time and place is also the testimony that nothing is outside of His jurisdiction.  Nothing is beyond His reach.  He can do anything at anytime, anywhere when He wants to do it.  He's certainly not constricted by human limitation and by the limitation of things like time.  This is an incredible thing that brings security into the life of the believer.  No matter how difficult your life is, or how impossible your situation may seem, God can perform Unusual Miracles.  In this series Dr. Guy teaches about the technology behind the power of God that can create Unusual Miracles.  You too can experience Unusual Miracles.

  Victory in the Middle of the Storm (2 CD)

$12 + $2 shipping

The world was touched by the effect of Hurricane Katrina as it destroyed the entire city of New Orleans. This storm was one of the most destructive tragedies of the world. The truth of the matter is that we experience similar spiritual storms in our lives such as financial crisis, marital problems, sickness, etc... In these messages you will learn how to have victory in the middle of the storm and how to allow the word of God to suspend your mind's ability to limit your spirit in times of trouble. No more fear, no more trouble, victory is yours in Jesus' name.

 What's Stopping The Power? (1 CD)

$6 + $2 shipping

Many times people want to know why they do not experience the power of God in their life, church or ministry. In this message Dr. Guy teaches on several reasons why we do not experience the fullness of the power of God. If you are hungry for more this message will help you press in for more.


 When you are down to nothing, God is up to something (2 CD)

$12 + $2 shipping

Every one of us needs to learn how to live our lives serving God and believing for a miracle, yet sometimes after we have done all of that, nothing happens. This is the place where many Christians turn their backs God. In this series you will learn what you need to do to come out of a season of nothing and how to make room for the impossible in your life because when you are down to nothing, God is up to something.

Winning at Work (1 CD)

$ 6 + $ 2 shipping

When you just labor without purpose you enrich a system but you are not enriching your destiny. But if you ever get to work with purpose and strategy, if you become entrepreneurial, if you become expressive and innovative you will enrich your destiny. The money you earn and your prosperity is based on a law. The law states that the amount of money you earn is always going to be not sometimes in the exact ratio to the need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty there is to replacing you. In this dynamic and powerful teaching Dr. Guy Peh provides winning principles that will empower anyone to have a successful career and winning at work.

You were not built to break! You were built to breakthrough! (1 CD)

$6 + $2 shipping

God never meant for us to be defeated, depleted, and deleted. God never meant for us to be stressed out, broke busted, and never to be trusted. God never meant for us to be frustrated, aggravated, irritated, and humiliated. God never meant for us to be oppressed, suppressed, depressed, and repressed. God created you to win.  God made you to conquer. God designed you for dominion.  In this dynamic teaching Dr. Guy Peh teaches practical principles that will help you stand and overcome in the middle of difficult circumstances in life. 

 You are a Good Looking Donkey in His Kingdom! (1 CD) 

 $6 + $2 shipping 

The Kingdom of God is the realm where God's will and Lordship are exercised.  When the Kingdom comes, supernatural things can take place that will change the reality of your life.  God is raising up a company of men and women that are hungry to be used to release His Kingdom on the earth.  Just like the donkey brought Jesus in Jerusalem for Jesus' triumphant entry, God wants to use you as a good donkey to bring Jesus in the city by releasing the Kingdom with power, wonders, signs and miracles.  Get ready to be used by God as a good donkey.