See below for incredible stories of God's power at work and the glory of Jesus Christ being displayed as Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh travel across the nations to win souls and equip the saints.  Visit the Testimonies Archive for past testimonies you may have missed.


Testimonies from Word of Faith

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

During the last campaign of Guy Peh visit to Word of Faith Christian Centre, Port Elizabeth, South Africa (August 2003) the following amazing healings took place amongst many others:

Edwin Bartlett was miraculously healed of a neck injury. I looked at his wife who in tears came to tell the congregation of the miracle that took place when Edwin handed his pain and discomfort over to Jesus.

Edwin was injured in a motor vehicle accident in 1991, broke vertebrae 2c,4 & 5 with wires in his neck. When Guy prayed and said that the people with injuries must raise their hands and hand all over to God ... Edwin raised his hands and sort of said that he hands all over to Christ. When the prayer was finished he did not feel any better but people were shouting and crying around him and he turned to his left to look at them when he realised that he was never before able to turn his neck to the left ... he then turned to the right and found the same thing! He suddenly had a supple movability that he never had before!

I phoned him today to check on his and found a very healed and blessed man. Edwin can be contacted to confirm his healing +27(041)3981 345.

Jan Swanevelder is a walking miracle! Bessie, his wife who is a consultant for Radio Pulpit told me previously of the virus Jan picked up and that his condition was very bad ... I saw Jan the first time the morning Guy arrived in PE (August 2003) He looked dreadful, could not walk and was on oxygen, he had to be back in the hospital within an hour because of his low resistance to germs etc. Jan looked bad, Bessie and our students helped Jan to sit in the back of the Bible College hall. Guy prayed with Jan and when Jan got in the car he started vomiting. This continued for a few days and slowly but surely Jan's healing took place. I saw Jan the other day and could not believe my eyes ...! He testified that God healed him from that morning and that he is back at work and never felt better! Jan can be contacted on: +27(082)429 7649

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