See below for incredible stories of God's power at work and the glory of Jesus Christ being displayed as Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh travel across the nations to win souls and equip the saints.  Visit the Testimonies Archive for past testimonies you may have missed.


Bone Spur Healed

In 2010 Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh came to Lighthouse Christian Center in Pittsburg, CA.
I have always been fascinated by healers and have often wished I could heal as Jesus did so was excited to see what would happen.
My big left toe had been hurting for about a year and half at that time. The x-ray showed a bone spur like a little nugget in the joint of my toe. Every step I took hurt and push-ups were impossible. Surgery was certainly a consideration, orthotics helped with the walking in the meantime.
When the altar call was given I so wanted to go forward, but I was one of the ushers and being on duty that night did not feel I could leave my post and go forward for a healing. While I was watching Guy and Ilke working on the people, it finally dawned on me that if the power of God could come from heaven and heal all these people then what was an extra 15-20 feet of distance? There was no reason I could not be healed.
Both of them talked about the power of God flowing through them rather than coming from them anyways so touch was not necessary.
That Friday night the pain left. The next morning I was doing my exercise routine and I dreaded having to do “girl push-ups” because of my toe.
For the first time in a year and a half I could do regular push-ups!
Sunday night at the Leadership Meeting I decided tell the group about the healing and dropped and did some push-ups! Almost 4 years later I’m still doing push-ups!
Thank you Guy and Ilke Peh for being vessels of God’s healing!
Glen Laughton

Ears Popped and Were Instantly Healed

I had constant ringing in my ears and loss of hearing. Dr. Guy asked to put my fingers on my ears, after prayer my ears popped. I removed my fingers from my ears and I could hear. I could even hear a whisper in my ears!  Praise God for His healing touch!

Linda Gisinger - Sugarcreek, Ohio, USA


Eyes Healed

I had astigmatism that caused double lines of words when reading and lots of shadows. After Dr. Guy Peh prayed, I was able to read without my glasses and there was no sign of astigmatism. Praise God!

Patricia Troyer - Sugarcreek, Ohio, USA


Ringing in the ears for 50 years is now gone!

I  had ringing in my ears for 50 years. After Dr. Guy Peh prayed for me, it's gone! There's no more ringing!

I used to be near sighted and now I can see so much clearer close up!

Awesome God! Thanks you Jesus!

Nathan Miller - Millersburg, Ohio, USA


Astigmatism Healed in Both Eyes

I had astigmatism in my both eyes. After Dr. Guy Peh prayer for me I could read my Bible without moving it up closer or far away. Praise God!

Jessica Strothier - Millerburg, Ohio, USA