See below for incredible stories of God's power at work and the glory of Jesus Christ being displayed as Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh travel across the nations to win souls and equip the saints.  Visit the Testimonies Archive for past testimonies you may have missed.


Healed of High Blood Pressure - Las Vegas

God is so great I sent you my praise report on my blood pressure a long time ago but just to recap.    I have not taken blood pressure medicine since you prayed for me at Word of Life a few years ago.  My blood pressure is great.   All things are possible with God!

Milan Anderson


Healed of pain in the feet - New York

God is awesome! I received my healing when you ministered at PAEM's Convention. For a number of years I have been having problem with my feet this could be about 20 years not less when you called out for those with swollen ankles, I ran to the altar you said that was neuropathy. After coming home and doing some research all the health conditions I had in the past was linked to this condition. I received my healing and walking in victory over that condition. Praise mighty Jesus! - Zacca Dixon (New York)


Back Healed in Ardmore, Pennsylvania 

Hi! My name is Tiffany, I'm Bishop Brokenborough's daughter, from Household of Faith Deliverance Worship Center in Ardmore PA. I attended the Sunday morning service and came to the alter Sunday morning. I've had pain in my back since I was in a car accident Jan 1, 2014. I have missed work, and attended physical therapy for over a year due to this. Sunday morning Ilke prayed for me and kept reiterating, "Miracles, miracles, miracles." Monday morning, I had NO pain or discomfort in my back. Not a twinge and I haven't had any pain since. I am incredulous and thankful to God that He allowed me to be in a place for healing. Thank you so much for your faith and allowing God to use you and your ministry.-Tiffany


Healed of High Blood Pressure - California

Dear Ilke
Thank you so very much for being so available for the Holy Spirit to minister to us women. The power of God was so intense. I just can't put it unto words. When you spoke out God was healing blood pressure, I needed that, so I took it and ran with it when you spoke it. I got healed and checked my blood pressure. Praise Almighty God, my blood pressure was so low instead of high. Praise God! Thank you for always being available for the Lord to move through you. I will always be at he conference to see you. God bless you and all of your family. 


Healed of Sleep Insomnia

Hello Sir & Mam, I will like to share my testimony with you both. 
On the last day you were in ALF, Roseville. Mrs. Ilke prayed for me concerning insomnia which I have been dealing with for 2 years. Normally, I go to bed every night with sleep medicine since 2013. 
But ever since that Wednesday. I have slept without any sleep meds. Praise God. 
Also, I sprained my left knee; but now its all healed.