See below for incredible stories of God's power at work and the glory of Jesus Christ being displayed as Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh travel across the nations to win souls and equip the saints.  Visit the Testimonies Archive for past testimonies you may have missed.


Prostate Healed in Hong Kong

A man with a severe prostate problem was also healed during the banquet. Every 2 hours he had to use the bathroom. The day after he received prayer at the banquet, he went to work without going to the bathroom for 8 hours. For the first time in a very long time he slept through the night. His prostate was completely healed.


Long Distance Healing - Hong Kong

Miss Hong Kong and Miss Asia 2007 heard about the miracles that were taking place in our meetings. She decided to attend the FGBMF banquet. She came for prayer for her sister in law who was very sick in ICU at the hospital. She stood in proxy for her sister as we prayed for her. The next day her sister was dismissed from the hospital completely healed by the power of God. Two days later she came to testify about her sister in law’s healing at one of our meetings at another church. It was so amazing to see that Miss Hong Kong and Miss Asia – a person that is known everywhere in Hong Kong and Asia - came to testify and give God the glory.


Free from Fear of Police

I use to hate the police. I've seen so many families ripped apart by drug busts and I've been treated like a criminal when I was trying to fly straight. I've been arrested for having a vicodin in my pocket and not in it's bottle. I've been pulled over and searched illegally and held up for hours just because I was in a '64 Impala and tatted up. I have been stripped and left naked in a cell over stealing food for my kids. I have seen them do things outside the law and I was so afraid of them. I knew they could hurt me if they wanted to and that no one would try to protect me. I was so angry, I use to love hearing about cops getting killed. I would always say that before I died, I wanted to shoot a cop with his own gun and watch him bleed out. It was totally demonic. Then I was in a meeting at church and Ilke Peh was praying and she said from the stage "Somebody here is afraid of the police". I broke into a million peices and surrendered my fear and hate to God. In that moment, He came in and healed my heart. Now instead of getting angry or scared when I see them, I have love and respect in my heart. It's as great a miracle is blind eyes being opened! He healed my heart! I can honestly say (and I know some of my folks are going to get mad about this, but) I LOVE THE POLICE! I pray for their safety. I pray for their families. There are bad ones, but there's bad people everywhere, in every profession, especially gangsters and hustlers, so let's drop the façade. Don't be mad at the police. Be mad at the devil for tricking you into thinking the hustle is all you got. Kristine


Healed of ADHD

Today I had the opportunity to speak to someone about the goodness of God in my life... I shared the story of how De'Andre from pre-K to 4th grade was taking ADHD meds. At pre-k age, I was getting phone calls everyday from teachers about different issues. Not comprehension or academic issues, other issues. He was about to be removed from the program, so I did what was so many other parents do & put him on medicine. I hated giving it to him, I hated the side effects, I hated the sleepless nights, I hated the twitches, hated him not eating..hated it all. SO, after about six yrs. of learning about Faith, healing, & The Blood of Jesus I put all of my Faith to the test one day & allowed a mighty, anointed Man of God, Dr. Guy Pey, to pray for De'Andre at one of our (yearly) Miracles, Signs, & Wonders services at FCWC. The last time De'Andre was given this medicine was the Friday before that Sunday service, 5 yrs. ago. To this day, he makes great grades, has no learning problems whatsoever & excels in everything he attempts. The devil is a LIAR! Hahaha THANK YOU God & THANK YOU Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh :-)


Nerve Damage in Foot Healed - Michigan

When you came to our church Cleft of the Rock in Sanford, Michigan. God gloriously used you to heal my nerve damage in my foot that I had for 21 years. Later that night I had an itch on my foot that I could actually feel and relieve with a scratch. I could actually feel it.  I stopped that very night taking a medication I had been taking for 17 years. Glory, glory, glory!  Michelle Wells