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News Update July and August 2015

Dear Friends

Greetings from Accra, Ghana - Africa. 

We are excited to minister to see what God is going to do at the Let God Arise Conference.  Africa for Jesus!  Jesus for Africa!

Since we wrote you last we had an amazing tour in Europe. Europe for Jesus!  Jesus for Europe!  There’s a remnant of people, leaders and pastors that are hungry for the move of God.  In every city we went to we saw the power of God touch lives with signs, wonders and miracles.  Many gave their life to Jesus, many rededicated their life and many believers’ faith was encouraged.  We were very encouraged to see God move so powerfully in Europe.

We did a tour around the United Kingdom in 8 cities. We ministered in Bristol, Newport - Wales, London, Wimbledon, Wembley, Barnsley and Derby.

We started our ministry tour in the United Kingdom at Carmel City Church in Bristol with a Signs, Wonders and Miracles Conference. 

Bristol is the city of faith in England. It was the home of John Wesley, George Whitefield and George Muller.  We were blessed to visit the John Wesley Chapel.  He said: “I look upon all the world as my parish.” That sounds like our world. He also said: “One once of love is worth a pound of knowledge.” “God does nothing except in answer to prayers.”

The conference was highlighted with a strong presence of God, hungry people and wonderful leaders that were open to the move of the Holy Spirit.   The gifts of the Spirit were in operation.  Jesus did some great miracles.

 Deaf Ear Opened – Bristol, England

Brother Tunde, who was born deaf in 1 ear and was deaf for 35 years was instantly healed after a word of knowledge. God is amazing!  

Click here to watch brother Tunde’s testimony.


Smell and Taste Restored – Bristol, England

Sister Jepres lost her sense of taste and smell.  After prayer she was healed and could smell and taste.

Click here to watch sister Jepres’ testimony.


Visible Eczema Instantly Gone – Bristol, England

Candice had visible eczema all over her skin.  After prayer it instantly cleared up.

Click here to watch Candice’s testimony.


All the meetings were well attended. We enjoyed our time with Pastors Sean and Michelle and Pastors Michael and Vicky.

Click here to watch testimonies from Carmel City Church in Bristol, England.


From England we crossed the bridge into Wales.  We had a wonderful time of ministry in Newport, Wales. Wales, the home of the Welsh revival where over a 150,000 people got saved. The 1904–1905 Welsh Revival was the largest Christian revival in Wales during the 20th century. While by no means the best known of revivals, it was one of the most dramatic in terms of its effect on the population, and triggered revivals in several other countries.

We had a great time of ministry in Wimbledon. Jesus healed and touched quit a few people.

We also ministered in Wembley.  There was a strong prophetic flow with many deliverances taking place.  There was a lady that was looking for an answer for a 17 year problem in her marriage. The Lord revealed it through a word of knowledge and prophecy.  She was so blessed and was rejoicing.  What made it special is that she was not going to come to the meeting but the pastor told her to come and that the Lord was going to speak to her.  She was the first person to be called out and ministered to.   Thank God for the Holy Spirit.

After our ministry time in the London area, we went to the Midlands.  We started with ministry training for pastors and leaders. We also had a time of questions and answers. It always starts with leadership.  If we can inspire and empower the leaders, they in return can be a blessing and minister to others.  Many leaders were so blessed by the training.

We did a special crusade at the Metro dome arena in Barnslay.  Ilke and I shared the platform. Many people came to the meetings and Jesus healed many.  Over 100 people committed – recommitted their life to Jesus. The testimony line was very long.  So many people testified of being healed of many sickness and disease. After the crusade we had a special meeting on Sunday in Derby.  People came from Birmingham, Liverpool, and different cities around the UK. On the Sunday celebration the place was so packed.  People had to stand in the hallway. They were so hungry for the Word of God. God is doing something special in the ministry of Pastor Dagmars.  He only started few years ago and has now planted churches in different cities in the United Kingdom.

Salvation Altar Call in Barnsley, England

Healed of 40 Years of Deafness – Derby, England 

A man that was injured in the army and became deaf and had several surgeries but still could not hear was instantly healed. He took his hearing aid out and he was so excited that he could hear.  He showed us the big scar that he had on his head.  Praise Jesus!  His ear was deaf for 40 years and now he can hear again.

Deliverance of Severe Fear and Panic Attacks – Derby, England

There was a lady in the meeting in Derby that was invited by a Christian sister.  The lady had not left her house for over 5 years.  She’s an adult and has children but she slept everyday in between her parents because of fear.  The Christian sister convinced her to come to the service.  She came - that was already a miracle by itself that she dared to come out of her house.  During my preaching I had a word of knowledge for her and began to prophecy over her and ministered to her.  The Lord completely set her free of the spirit of fear.  The next day we got a report that she was totally free and changed.  One month later - last week, they send us a report that she was now sleeping by herself, coming out of her house and was no more afraid.  Jesus is Lord!

Little Girl Healed of Severe Asthma

This cute little girl was healed from severe asthma 9 months ago during one of our services in England. Her mom brought her to share her testimony. Jesus is the healer. 

Our tour in the United Kingdom was a success.  We are thankful to God and all our partners and intercessors that help us go around the world and preach the Gospel.

We also ministered in Belgium at Jezus Levend Water, Ilke’s home church where I did a Bible Study and preached on Sunday.  I was blessed to have my beautiful wife translate for me. Team work makes the dream work! Ilke spent some time giving piano lessons to kids and young adults who wanted to learn how to play the piano.  It was wonderful to see that kids are trained for the ministry in music.

In April we purchased a ministry house in Belgium. In July and August we spend time doing renovations on the mission house. Pray for this project.  We are believing God for more funds to come in so we can finish the project. If the Lord leads you, we would appreciate your support. 

One day while working on the site, Ilke accidently took a wrong step and almost fell through the ceiling on the first floor.  Thanks to God, I was there to grab her and pull her up.  She just had some minor bruises but it could have been worse.  Thank God for His protection.

Upon our return to the USA, Ilke spoke for the 7th time at the Empowered Women Conference in Eunice, Louisiana.  She had a powerful time.  We received so many testimonies of what God did in previous years.

Miracle Twins – Eunice, LA

Ilke prayed for Lacy that could not conceive for 5 years, 2 years ago. 1 year after Ilke prayed for her, she did not just have 1 baby, she had twins.  The twins are 1.5 years old now. 

Click here to watch Lacy’s testimony.


Legally Blind Eye Healed and Deliverance – Eunice, LA

Melissa had 1 eye that was legally blind; it was even written on her drivers license.  After I prayed for her,  she could see through that eye.  Now her driver’s license is clear.  Ilke also prayed for her a 2 years ago. Her life was very messed up and she was dealing with many issues.  The Lord set her free when Ilke prayed for her.  Her pastor testified of the visible change in her life after Ilke prayed for her.  Glory to God!

Click here to watch Melissa’s testimony. 


We want to thank all of you for your continual prayer and support.  It has been an incredible year.  We are believing God for breakthroughs in the month of September. We are excited for what God is going to do here in Africa, where we just arrived.

Continue to reach forward in Him.

Love and blessings

Guy & Ilke



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