This Memo of Understand exists for the sole purpose of initiating clear communication that will result in mutual understanding. Our intent is to ensure great efficiency.



While in your country/church it is important to note that an environment promoting quietness, discretion and safety is very much recommended for Dr. Guy and Ilke's residency during their time of ministry with you.



Clear communication is vital and necessary for maximum impact. Prior to departing for your nation/church, it is helpful if they might understand the following.

  1. Specific time and number of services that are to be conducted.
  2. Time of pick up from airport and hotel.
  3. Location and contact information for their place of stay.
  4. Start times of meetings - this greatly helps our intercessors.
  5. Outline or service flow of the meeting.
  6. Predetermined time allotted to minister and pray for the sick.
  7. Supply 2; 6-8 foot tables for our ministry products near the
    entrance of the building and one or more trustworthy
    volunteer(s) that will manage the table 45 minutes before and
    after the meeting.
  8. Any other helpful information pertinent to our time of
    experiencing God’s power together would be helpful.


Fiduciary considerations

Past experiences around the world have taught us to make an effort to understand fiduciary matters prior to participating in a service where offerings are being received. This is intended to avoid any and all misunderstanding in such a heart-revealing aspect of the ministry.

Our purpose is to walk in and conduct our affairs in the highest level of integrity. We all know and understand that the gospel is free; however, we also know that it is expensive to preach the gospel. We understand that both, the party organizing the meeting and the guest speaker have expenses. Our goal is to communicate the following as to how Reconciliation Ministries International functions.

  1. The operations and logistics of their international traveling ministry functions on the principle of sowing and reaping - the cycle of blessings from nation to nation, from place to place and from church to church. Through the sowing of others into RMI, your church/nation will reap the benefits. One nation receives blessings from our ministry and then sends the ministry to bless another nation by doing their best by way of freewill love offerings. Some other church or nation has made it possible for our ministry to come to you. We encourage you to do your very best to keep this cycle moving in a healthy way.
  2. To promote integrity, clear communication and understanding, we believe that whenever possible, the congregation or audience should be made aware of which offering is designated for the guest ministry.

We want to thank you or your kindness and understanding.


What you should expect from the ministry of Dr. Guy Peh

  1. A move of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Guy spends hours in the presence of God before ministry time, regardless of the size of the meeting, he only wants to say or do what heaven is saying and doing.
  2. Dr. Guy flows in the gifts of the spirit some times the Lord will
    give him a word of knowledge during his message.
  3. Dr. Guy will pray for the sick. He has a lot of compassion for
  4. Dr. Guy will minister healing through the breath of God. The
    Lord revealed to Dr. Guy how He will heal his people through His
    Breath. At times Dr. Guy will ask people to take a deep breath
    when he prays for them.
  5. Dr. Guy is an audience interactive preacher. He loves to interact
    with the crowd, asking them to say or do something.
  6. Dr. Guy preaches the word with prophetic insight.
  7. Dr. Guy loves Jesus and loves people.

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