Dr. Guy & Ilke Peh                                                                                         



Evangelists Dr. Guy & Ilke Peh

Missionary evangelist Dr. Guy Peh is a dynamic preacher, teacher and author. Moving in the gifts of miracles and faith, he's powerfully anointed to bring healing and hope to the sick. Dr. Guy also has a strong anointing in discerning of spirits, the prophetic and spiritual warfare. A devout prayer warrior and avid student of the Word, he presents a God that is alive and able to meet the needs of His children.

He has ministered in more than 100 nations. Through his ministry, thousands of people around the world have been touched by the power of Jesus. Dr. Guy leads people to experience Jesus Christ as the answer to every need in their lives. Among the documented healings that have taken place are HIV/Aids, migraines, diabetes, asthma, digestive problems, deafness, blindness, cancer, hypoglycemia and financial breakthrough. He has even prayed for the dead and seen them come back to life.

Dr. Guy believes that all things are possible to him that believes and that a miracle answers the question. The apostolic call of God in his life has caused many church leaders around the world to look up to him as their overseer. Dr. Guy has a doctorate in divinity.

He is married to his sweetheart and girlfriend, Ilke. She has a heart for people and loves to see broken hearts healed and the captives set free. Ilke speaks at Women You are Precious conferences around the world. With their outreach, Bridge of Hope, Dr. Guy and Ilke are helping disadvantaged people around the world to have a better life by providing food and support for orphanages, assistance in disaster areas, digging water wells, and helping pastors and ministers in need. As missionaries to the nations, they believe that they need to have more than just the language of words... they need to also have the language of actions.

Dr. Guy and Ilke's vision is the world, their passion is for souls and their mission is to equip the saints and train them in the supernatural.

Dr. Guy and Ilke Peh are based in Dallas, Texas.